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Wine Tasting

Examine the galician wine’s appearance, aroma, flavour, and textures to understand how and where it was made.


Kayaking through the sea and river learning about the animals and plants of the area. It takes thrill to the next level.

Cooking lessons

Choose and buy fresh Galicia products in our local market. Use my private chef and learn how to cook the most tasty and popular recipes of Spain.

Boat Trip

Sail the Cantabrian Sea, enjoying fantastic views of the coast where we will visit the Cathedrals Beach.

Travel! Because Money Returns and Time Doesn’t!

In the North of Spain, there is a magical place called Galicia, known for its quality of food, breath-taking scenery, and historical monuments. Galicia, aka “The Green Spain” is the place where Spaniards go to vacation. Enjoy an “all inclusive trip” with a local tour guide who knows the best places in the area.

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
- Anais Nin

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Joe & Angela Mueller

The “All in Galicia” experience created by Nuno exceeded our expectations from start to finish. Every meal and wine tasting experience was thoughtfully prepared,...

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