From the moment we stepped off the plane at A Coruna, the magic began. Nuno’s passion for Galicia, the history, the people, the scenery was contagious. We could direct the timing and activities to match our interests as we soaked in the spiritual force of Santiago de Compostela and conversed with pilgrims who had just arrived after weeks of trekking. Following Nuno’s guide we embarked on an eating adventure of octopus, seafood and Galician specialties that we would never had known existed without him. Each day was thoughtfully planned and filled with the beauty of beaches, and Galician friends and great food and wine. This was truly the best vacation, where we could relax, be away and not have to worry about transportation or what to see and do. The experience far exceeded the investment, and we highly recommend it as the perfect way to experience Galicia.

Our planning meetings with Nuno truly paid off. He is a great listener and was able to design a program that we described even though we didn’t know we were! Thanks Nuno!