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Visit the “Deep Spain” as a local with a private guide from the area

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My name is Nuno, and I am the founder of this company and the person that you will be talking to from start to finish of your trip. I will be your local tour guide to help make you feel like you’re at home in the area I grew up in. I lived in Galicia for 18 years and then moved to New York to start my college studies with a soccer scholarship. After two years, I transfered to Columbus where I completed my Business degree and later earned my MBA. I decided to create this company to show the people from my university what the real Spain looks like, and not the tourist places in Madrid and Barcelona. However, this adventure will not be possible without a local who knows the traditional places in each town and city and that has a close relationship with the local businesses. A normal tour will not offer those experiences, are you ready?!

Nuno Mecía López- Founder and CEO

Enjoy the place where Spaniards go for vacation

In ALL IN GALICIA we want to offer you a vacation where you will feel as a local and not as a tourist. You choose the dates, the activities, and the people who come with you. We want to avoid big groups, so you can create a bond with your local guide and the places you go to visit. We want to run away from tourist traps and show you what the real Spanish Culture looks like.

The pre – itineraries that we have in our packages make it easier to see what our recommendations are as locals, but every detail is flexible and we will be willing to personalize the trip for you.

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